With myNAPPS, you get everything you need to setup a Pet Sitter website with no technical knowledge needed. Lets walk through how easy it is to get setup.

Pick a Domain

Whether it's or, we will help you find the right domain name for your business and even register it for you.

Get a Business Email Address

With your new found domain name, we can setup email addresses for you ( If you have staff, we can setup email accounts for them too.

Choose a Template

We have chosen a great selection of professional design templates for you to choose for you website. Pick one and you can change at any time. If you have a logo already and want your website to be designed around that logo, we can do custom design as well. Contact us and we can begin work on your custom template.

Administrative Portal

You can manage your site yourself. Just login to the Admin Portal and you will have access to all of the pages of your site.

Build Your Site

No need for HTML knowledge to manage your site. When you login to your site administration page, you can our use friendly interface to manage your pages.

Be Found

Let your visitors find you. Whether they are visiting your site or searching for pet sitting services in your area, you need to be found. With myNAPPS we will get you on the map.

Upload Images

Share not just your words but your pictures too!


Gain credibility with visitings by showing your certifications and organization memberships.

Control What Your Visitors See

Sensitive information? If there is page you don't want to be shown to your visitors, you can just turn it off.

And more... See a Sample Site!

You can see a sample of what can be done with a myNAPPS site here.

We've showcased some of the features of the system here but there are many more. Signup today and see for yourself.